Take profit and stop loss (TP/SL) orders

Description of our TP/SL orders mechanism

TP/SL orders allow traders to set pre-defined profit and loss levels, ensuring trades are optimized for maximum gain while minimizing risk.

⚙️ How does a TP/SL order work?

  • When last traded price of the market reaches one of the target prices, the position will be closed with a Market (Immediate or Cancel) order

  • On BSX app, a slippage tolerance of 0.5% will be applied when users place a TP/SL order.

  • TP/SL will be auto-cancelled if the position is closed or flipped.

  • TP/SL orders can only be added to active positions, and the order size will be the same as the open position. Any changes in position won't affect the original size of TP/SL order.

  • TP/SL orders when not triggered are not visible on the orderbook.

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