Why Base

Base is a layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum built using the OP stack. Coinbase built the chain to be secure, low-cost, and builder-friendly to bring the next billion users on-chain.

BSX was first deployed on Base due to our conviction in Coinbase’s vision for the future of DeFi and crypto from a technical and cultural perspective. The following points express the opportunity that building on Base provides for BSX:

  • BSX’s strong alignment with Optimism and built on the OP stack. Optimism's roadmap and their vision of the superchain ecosystem are very compelling; Base being built on the OP Stack will allow dApps on Base to tap into the liquidity across all chains built on the OP Stack, which will help make BSX a preferred place for liquidity makers and takers.

  • Building on Base allows a protocol to access Ethereum's underlying security and take advantage of the low transaction costs Base provides.

Base will allow BSX to offer some of the lowest fees in the industry for makers, deep liquidity, and robust security. The opportunity to leverage the underlying robust security from Ethereum and deep liquidity from Optimism allows us to create the most secure and liquid trading platform possible. With solid backing from Coinbase, Base is poised to become one of the most vibrant on-chain ecosystems in no time, with BSX leading the charge.

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