BSX Referral Program

BSX referral codes are used to help build BSX's user base. Users benefit from referring new users to BSX based on trading volume. To refer someone to BSX you can create a referral link at Referral codes can be generated after a trader has done 1,000 in total volume. Referrers benefit in two ways:

  • Referrers receive 10% of their referred users taker fees. For example if you refer 5 traders who do $100M in trading volume at 6bps taker fee you will receive ~$6,000

  • Referrers get 1 point for every 10 points their referred users earns through the trading track. For example if you refer 5 traders who generate 10M points over the the points program you will receive 1M points

We've made referral customizable so you can make it unique to yourself. Your referrals must generate at least $1,000 in trading volume before you can start receiving fees and points.

To use a referral code you can either paste the referral link directly into your browser and it will auto populate into the referral code section or you can enter the code which can be found at the end of the link To use a referral code you must deposit $50 to the exchange.

You can see the following directly on the As Referrer tab at

  • Number of users referred that have traded over $1,000 in volume each

  • Total trading volume of referees

  • Total earned commission

  • Referred volume and earned commission by wallet

  • Referral rewards by epoch

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