FAQ - Trading Points

Please read our announcement for the trading point program, season 1 here:

https://medium.com/@bsx/introduction-bsx-points-season-1-the-cambarian-phase-1dbd746c675a FAQ

  • What can I redeem my BSX points for?

Please stay tuned to our official communications for further updates on new and upcoming ways to utilize your points effectively. We're continually looking to expand the rewards to offer you more valuable and engaging options.

  • What could cause me to lose eligibility for point collection during the program?

Engaging in prohibited activities such as wash trading or self-referrals will indeed jeopardize your ability to collect points. Such behaviors could result in a temporary or permanent ban from the points program. At BSX, we are dedicated to ensuring a transparent and fair trading environment and actively preventing any actions that could undermine the integrity of our points system.

  • How are my trading points determined?

In order to maintain the integrity of the points system and avoid manipulation, we do not disclose the specific formula used to calculate points. The design of the points system is to reward genuine activity on BSX. You will receive points that are determined by your trading volume and other activities, such as multipliers, throughout the week.

  • Give an example of how referral points work?

User A refers User B. User B trades and earns 100 points in Epoch 1. Both user A and B will earn 10 extra points (10% of 100 points). If user B doesn’t trade on epoch 2, both cannot earn extra points. If user B trade again on epoch 3, both will earn extra points again (10% of B’s trading points earned in epoch 3).

  • How does the weekly Points drop work?

Points from your weekly trading get airdropped to your BSX account every Tuesday.You can check and claim your points in the Points dashboard every week on Tuesday.

  • How long will the Points Program last?

Season 1 will run for 2 months between 4/23/2024 to 6/23/2024. Please check our announcements on official channels (Twitter and Discord) for updates or changes to the program timeline!

  • Will my past activity be counted?

BSX Points is a forward-looking program. Prior to the launch of BSX Points, a snapshot of past activity was already taken. Any additional bonus token for earlier trading activities will be considered after the program ends.

  • Can points be transferred or traded between users?

No, points earned through your account on BSX are linked to each user's unique address and cannot be transferred or traded between users.

  • When airdrop?

We appreciate your curiosity! We cannot share specific details about upcoming airdrops or token-related events. To stay updated, we recommend keeping an eye on our official channels (Twitter and Discord). Regularly look out for announcements and communications on this matter. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

  • What BSX activity counts towards earning trading points?

BSX is first and foremost a trading platform, meaning the program will reward you for:

  • Providing liquidity on the orderbook

  • Perps trading volume

The program is designed to be sybil-resistant — rewarding real BSX chad traders and real activity.

  • Is there a cap on the number of Trading Points distributed each week?

Yes, up to 1 million points will be distributed each week.

  • How are the trading points distributed?

They are split amongst Taker and Maker activity as follows:

  • Taker activity: This is based on your weekly healthy, real trading activities

  • Maker activity: Maker Liquidity and Volume are rewarded.

  • Does off-chain activity count? e.g. Discord, Twitter, etc

For this points program, off-chain activities such as Discord and Twitter interactions do not contribute to points accumulation. However, we highly value your community participation and engagement on these platforms. While they may not directly impact the points in this program, your involvement in the community remains integral to our ecosystem. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community!

  • Are there any special events or promotions that offer bonus points?

Potential bonus point opportunities from partnerships/promos announced on Twitter/Discord. Please follow our announcements and communications on this matter.

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