Season 2: Voyage Mission

BSX Season 2 points is the second installment of BSX's rewards program designed to incentivize both new and existing traders on BSX. This doc will give an overview of season2

Detailed Overview of Season 2: Voyage Mission

Event Details and Key Numbers

To celebrate this Season 2, BSX will double the amount of Season 1 rewards and slash retail trading fee by half and much more:

  • More points: 16M trading points (plus 1M bonus points) up for grab.

  • Reduced Fees: Lower the taker fee from 6bps to 3bps!

  • Get paid to trade: Earn 0.5bp when your limit order hit.

  • More interesting trading and vault products (soon)

  • More rewards to potential partnerships and trading competitions.

The campaign will commence on June 18th at 00:00 UTC and will last between 2–2.5 months. Please follow our Discord announcement for weekly update.

Adjustment to the Points Acquisition Rules:

1) Adjustment to the Trading Points Rules:

Up to 2,000,000 points for participants to earn every epoch/week.

  • Trading (70% points): All designated asset pairs are eligible for points. Bonus points may apply for new listings.

  • Providing liquidity (25% points): Place limit order and earn points when order hits. The bigger the limit order, the more points.

  • Contributing to Open Interest (5% points): Holding a position to earn points. The bigger the position, the more points.

More info regarding the calculation is here.

2) Adjustment to the Bonus Rules:

  • Boosted Points: Three lucky winners of each epoch will be randomly chosen to receive 3x their trading points earned that epoch. The higher the volume, the more chance you win and more points to multiply.

  • Holding Bonus: Depending on how much USDC deposited and held in BSX exchange in each epoch, participant will earn bonus accordingly to the table below:

  • Note: Boosted points and holding bonus only apply to retail traders.

  • 10% of referee’s points

  • 10% cash rebate on referee’s trading fee

3) Captain rewards

BSX invites Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or BSX Captains to create their own ships to secure more benefits, with rewards escalating with the KOL level. Ship members will also enjoy an additional 10% in bonuses as well.

Referral incentives:

  • 10% of referee’s points

  • 10% cash rebate on referee’s trading fee

The Path to a Token Launch

Along with our deployment on Base and trading rewards program, we’re pleased to reveal we’re exploring the path to a token. Launch details and a timeline will be shared soon.

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