SEI Listing Launch Campaign

We’re excited to announce that starting June 25, 2024, $SEI will be available for trading on BSX! To celebrate and welcome the SEI Ecosystem to BSX, we’re launching a community campaign—a two-week event to reward the SEI NFT Communities that have been instrumental in elevating the chain. We look forward to onboarding a new chain and welcoming new traders to Base and BSX! Experience the synergy of a fast chain with a fast DEX.

Sign-Up Form:

All accounts that sign up through the form will receive 10% off trading fees for the campaign duration. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!


June 25, 2024 — July 10, 2024 (2 weeks)

  • June 25: Campaign launches. Note: Trades occurring before this date will not count toward the campaign.

  • July 10: Final day for the Campaign.

How It Works

Create Your BSX Trading Account: SEI NFT Community members are invited to sign up for BSX starting now! All SEI NFT Communities are eligible to participate in this competition.

  • Create your BSX Account here:

  • Follow the Official BSX Twitter Account here:

How to Participate:

  • Eligible Assets: All assets traded on BSX, not just $SEI, count toward the total trading volume.

  • Eligibility: Own at least one SEI NFT linked to the trading wallet you wish to represent for the competition. You must make at least one trade for your wallet(s) and respective community(s) to be counted toward the competition. Note: Multiple NFTs from the same community do not stack for representation.

  • Volume Calculation: Each NFT in your wallet will be counted toward the respective community’s trading volume. For example, if one Seiyan NFT and one Qunks NFT are in a wallet, trading $1,000 will result in both the Seiyan and Qunks communities being credited for $1,000 of volume traded.

How to Win

Total Trading Volume

The top three NFT Communities with the highest trade volume will receive bonus points on top of the points earned through trading epochs. These points will be airdropped to participating wallets as bonus points.

  • 1st Place: 15,000 points

  • 2nd Place: 10,000 points

  • 3rd Place: 5,000 points

The Top Trader

The individual trader with the highest trade volume between June 25 and July 10 will receive additional bonus points (TBA) and an NFT bundle from our partnered SEI NFT communities.

Partnered Communities:

  • Qunks, S3, DAISY, Benchwarmers, The Toshis, Fuckers, Ghoons, Crossover, Outlines, Seilamis, Bulls on SEI, and Farmors

  • Seipex Credits

Official Rules:

  • Registration: Only wallets registered via our Google Form will be considered for their respective community(s).

  • Wallets: Your trading wallet must be linked to a SEI Wallet that contains the NFTs you want to be considered for trading volume.

Disclaimer: This campaign is not available to residents in OFAC countries including the USA

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