BSX Technical Architecture

BSX’s product offers suite of trading options and markets to provide seamless access to crypto markets

Key Features

BSX is a native cross-margined DEX offering perpetual futures trading built on the Base L2 - made for all types of traders. To break down and understand BSX, a user needs to understand the following:


A decentralized self-custodial crypto derivatives exchange (DEX), BSX employs an off-chain execution and on-chain settlement mode, blending the advantages of decentralized and centralized exchanges. BSX is self-custodial; users always retain access to their funds and can manage them as they see fit, regardless of any centralized party.

Perpetual futures (Perps)

BSX’s core trading product is the perpetual future contract. These contracts are the most common type of product traded in the digital asset market. With perps, traders can speculate with leverage on the asset's price without holding it. Another critical feature of perps is that the contract never expires and can be held by the trader indefinitely.

Traders regularly use perpetual contracts to speculate on the direction of an asset or to hedge against any spot holdings they have on the asset. Perpetuals are most commonly traded on margin (USDC), and all trades are settled back to USDC. Perpetual markets on BSX will be open 24/7, so traders can take long or short positions against an asset regardless of the time. Right now, you can trade in the following perpetual markets on BSX:




Order Types

BSX currently supports market and limit orders. We also offer scalp trading functionality where users can directly click on the orderbook to place limit orders so that in high volatility they can submit their orders quickly and with ease to capture value when the market swings up or down. In the future, we will be releasing take-profit and stop-loss order types to give traders the full functionality they need to trade efficiently and effectively in the crypto perpetuals market.

Traders will also have the option to choose between fill-or-kill (orders are executed in full or not at all) or immediate-or-cancel (orders are executed immediately or not at all).

1-Click Trading

BSX makes trading seamless and instantaneous with 1 click trading. Traders only have to sign once and will get close to instant trade execution by clicking one button at the beginning of their session, mirroring an experience close to CEXs. By employing 1 click trading, users will spend more time studying and trading vs signing transactions when making any changes to their existing orders or positions.

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