Withdrawal Procedure

The withdrawal process on the platform is not immediate. It may require an extended period, potentially up to 6 hours, for comprehensive fraud verification and to accommodate network traffic when handling the request. Further details regarding the withdrawal procedure are as follows:

  1. Initiation: Users commence the withdrawal process by submitting a request. The system instantly acknowledges the request, activating security measures to safeguard the assets during the withdrawal procedure.

  2. Fraud Prevention Period: Upon receiving a withdrawal request, the platform initiates a Fraud Prevention Period (lasting 6 hours). This pre-defined time frame allows the system to meticulously verify the legitimacy and accuracy of the withdrawal request, preventing fraudulent activities and double-spending.

  3. Approval and Transfer: After the Fraud Prevention Period, and once the withdrawal request has been validated as legitimate, the system approves the withdrawal. The funds are then securely transferred to the user's designated account.

  4. Cancellation Option: Users have the ability to cancel their withdrawal request at any point during the Fraud Prevention Period, and the funds will be reallocated back into their trading account.

Multiple Requests: If users submit a second withdrawal request while one is currently active, it will extend the overall withdrawal process up to 6 hours (including the initial Fraud Prevention Period).

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